miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

"Patones de Arriba" a Pearl on the Mountains

5o miles away from Madrid Downtown you will be able to go back in life for more than 400 hundred years. Between the Lozoya and Jarama rivers and some more small water streams and one of the biggest reservoir of water in the center of Spain, you will find a village that stands up trying to reach the sky in a rocky mountain.
In 1555 only seven people used to live there and in now days the access with car is restricted because of the popularity that has been gain by the village through the years. Walking around this hamlet is a perfect experience to enjoy the limestone streets and discover some of the houses that has been there for more than 300 years. The green color of the trees with the mix of the dark stones and the ageing of the houses, makes this place to stand up from the others villages around town and will take over every visitor mind that has chance to go there. With no cars and only walking people around the streets there are a few restaurants with the last tendencies in gastronomy that would make of this place a perfect time for expanding the day in later spring or summer.

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  1. This place looks beautiful, as do the other places in your blog. I hope you add to it over the months so I can use it when I come to Madrid some day!

  2. Such a lovely place ! When I was in Madrid I visited Toledo and I loved!
    Next time I go there I'll for sure check out this village!!! Great travel tips !!!